Monthly Archives: January 2016

Creamy & Tangy Labneh cheese

I was first introduced to Labneh on a trip to Baalbek in Northwest Lebanon. Having spent the morning visiting the temples there, our driver suggested stopping off at a bakery for some lunch. Along with the amazing fresh bread & tomatoes they served a delicious cream cheese, called labneh. Beautifully […]

Creamy & Tangy Labneh cheese

Tabbouleh – sunshine on a plate

For me, tabbouleh is the taste of a fresh summers day, something that is always welcomed in my native Glasgow! The key thing to remember is that it’s a herb salad which contains some bulgur wheat, as opposed to bulgur wheat with a few herbs in it, so don’t stint […]

Tabbouleh - sunshine on a plate

Lamb & Pine Nut Kofte

  Wherever you go in the world, you’re likely to find that the cuisine includes some form of meatball. Whilst part of their appeal is that they can make a portion of meat go further, for me it’s the level of flavour the additional ingredients bring, lifting fairly cheap cuts […]